12/10/2015Expo 2015

Expo, Sala: over 20 million visitors

Giuseppe Sala
Giuseppe Sala

"We are set to arrive and maybe we will exceed 20 millionvisitors. The Commissioner of Expo, Giuseppe Sala, is optimistic during the event Number 100 of the Themed Tables of the Universal Exhibition organised by the Chambe of Commerce of Milan, as reported by Ansa.

"It has been an extraordinary year for our city and our Country", he added. Expo according to the Commissioner Sala "has been a lesson on how a century of relative weaknesses, needs collaboration, public and private, to overcome difficulties". From this experience "something magical has been born that shows us how this barrier, public and private, needs to be demolished because it is clear that the public on its own cannot accomplish something like this". 

Diana Bracco, Chairman of Expo and Commissioner of the Italian Pavilion echoes his words, declaring: "Even the cold numbers say that" with Expo "we have nailed it. What seemed to be an impossible mission is not a mission accomplished". Thus, Diana Bracco, commented about the success of the Universal Exhibition, during the course of an event organised by the Chamber of Commerce of Milan at Expo. Even the numbers "of the tourist income in Milan and the expenditure of foreigners are testimony of the beneficial effects of Expo."

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