19/10/2015Expo 2015

Expo Milano, the 20 million visitors target has been passed

Giuseppe Sala
Giuseppe Sala

Target reached: Expo Milano 2015 has passed the 20 million visitors, equal to 20 million tickets sold with fiscal seal from the ticketing platform of the company. This has been announced by the Commissioner of Expo, Giuseppe Sala, on the website of the Exhibition

A confirmation of what had been announced slightly earlier on radio Rtl 102.5 during the usual morning slot. "The news of the day - said Sala - is that we have surpassed an important target of the 20 million tickets sold, and lets put behind us statistics and look at the contents of this edition of Expo". 

Now, having won the "trophy", the staff of Expo repeats the position of the last weeks: once the statistic aspect is left behind, it would be better to concentrate on the contents and legacy of the Universal Exhibition: from the challenge of feeding the planet, which has been declined in many suggestions during the last six months which have passed in silence submerged by the turmoil of the celebrations, to that on the future of the area, which in these days is in full swing of its definition. It is true that 20 million visitors have been reached and passed, but work is definately not over yet. 

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