26/10/2015Expo 2015

The Tree of Life, Palazzo Italia and Pavillion Zero remain at Expo...after Expo

Tree of Life
Tree of Life

The Tree of Life will set its roots at Expo. One of the symbols of the Universal Exhibition of Milan, infact, will remain in its current position even after the closing of the exhibition site in Rho, after the end of the event at the end of October, as also will Palazzo Italia.

This has been officially announced by the Commissioner of the Exhibition, Giuseppe Sala, during a conference dedicated to the success of what has become the symbolic icon of Expo 2015, that is, The Tree of Life. "Our wish - said Sala - is to continue giving life to these two symbolic and iconic elements of Expo. The Tree of Life and Palazzo Italia remain as they are today." Sala explained that immediately after the closing, on the 31st October, dismantling works will begin at the site, and these will take a few months. After that is over, starting from the Spring-time "we will find a way to revive the twosome Palazzo Italia-Tree of Life and also the Pavillion Zero."

As far as concerns the Tree of Life in particular, considering that the show that animates is is rather expensive and therefore suitable for a numerous public, Sala said that the organisers will "take some time to reflect. The road to revival of this site will require some time."



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