27/10/2015Expo 2015

Alessandro Rosso Group, till the 31st October every day at Expo with guaranteed entrance and no queues!

Alessandro Rosso Pavillion
Alessandro Rosso Pavillion

For the lart week of Expo, considering the very high levels of turnout during the last days, Alessandro Rosso Group and Duomo Viaggi, respectively Global Authorised Reseller and Authorised Reseller of the Universal Exhibition, intend to guarantee everyone entrance. 

Considering the decision of the Expo 2015 company to suspend the function of conversion of the "Open Date" tickets into "Fixed Date", Alessandro Rosso Group makes available on the website www.yourwaytoexpo.comfixed date tickets with guaranteed entrance up till the 31st October, the grand "Finale". On the website, there are also available packages "Guaranteed entrance and Eat without queues" which give the possibility of taking advantage - apart from the sure entrance - also of a voucher to eat without standing in queues at the Brasil Pavillion or at the street food bar of the Alessandro Rosso Group Pavilion

There are also ad hoc offers for the 31st October, the closing date of Expo 2015: Alessandro Rosso Group offers an entrance ticket with guaranteed entry, the package "Guaranteed Entrance & Eat without queues" and the special package Closing Party” which will be held by the Alessandro Rosso Pavilion (lane 28 – N-08 – Roserio Entrance) which includes: fixed date ticket with guaranteed entrance; entry at the Alessandro Rosso Corporate Pavilion; entrance and drink at the iBar (ice bar on the ground floor); drink at the Rosso Beach; fast track for priority access at the entrance gates of Alessandro Rosso Group. The Milanese Group closes in this way, with the last opportunities, its success at Expo, after having sold a three million tickets all over the world. 



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