8/10/2015Expo 2015

Milan, a record September thanks to Expo and fashion

Expo Milan 2015
Expo Milan 2015

In Milan a total record of visitors: the month of September closes in fact with 910,990 arrivals thanks to Expo, fairs and fashion week. In percentage this means an increase of 35.3 compared to the same month of 2014, when visitors were 673 thousand. Concurrently, even the presences in hotels and the rate of occupancy of the rooms has increased by 89% (last September it was 75%). 

Therefore, the Universal Exhibition has made it possible that the Lombard capital obtained various records in terms of visitors: in the first five months, the increase of arrivals has been of 23.5%, which means 736 thousands more visitors. In total 3.8 million travellers, 54% of which were foreigners, above all Americans (12.9%), French (9.8%), Chinese (7.7%) and British (6.5%). The proof of this success, reports Ansa, is also due to the number of presences at Expocittà, the programme of events organised in Milan (which will have been 45, 774 by the end of the Exhibition). 

Up till now 8 million people have participated at the events, explained the co-ordinator of Expoincittà Claudio Artusi during a press conference, and of these more than two million have participated at the September events. Without counting that 15 thousand business meetings have been organised and that "by the end of the month - emphasised the Vice-President of the Chamber of Commerce Alberto Menarini - will reach 20 thousand". During Fashion Week  alone, pointed out the Councillor for Economic Development Cristina Tajani, "it has achieved a turnover of 48 million Euros".



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