13/01/2015Expo 2015

Expo, a million posts on the Exhibition. Optimism grows

Expo Milan 2015
Expo Milan 2015

Almost  a million posts dedicated to the great 2015 event of Milan. From January to December 2014, in fact, the total number of posts that have dealt with Expo written in Italian have reached almost a million, with a peak in May (over 192 thousand posts) and in July (almost 102 thousand). The 13th May 2014, with over 25 thousand mentions, is the single day of the year in which Expo2015 has been mostly spoken about.

This emerges from an analysis by the Chamber of Commerce of Milan through Voices from the Blogs, a spin-off from the Università degli Studi carried out on about a million comments in the web in 2014. The optimism of December, also, is equal to that of the announcement of the assignment in April 2012. If one takes into consideration the chart of the sentiment, the lowest point occured in May. From July onwards, however, the sentiment showed a secure growth which reached its highest peak in November (79.4% in Italy and 78.6% in Milan). Levels of optimism are back to the moment of the appointment (in Italy 69%, in Milan 78% and in April 2012). The reasons for a positive sentiment towards Expo2015 are above all the events, but also national pride.

Among the five main cities that discuss about Expo2015, in first place there is always Milan however with a decreasing weight with respect to November (57.5%: -11.7 points compared to November), a sign that interest for Expo2015 is ever more National. In second place is Rome (15.4%, on average one comment on seven), then Torino (3.6%) and Florence (3.2%).

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