22/01/2015Expo 2015

For Expo, Milan dedicated itself to art

Novecento Museum
Novecento Museum

Among the thousands of events to be held in Milan during the year of Expo 2015, there are also 26 great exhibitions which the Council and other local public Institutions have organised with the objective of offering visitors of the Universal Exhibition the works and experiences of the greatest Italian artists who have made the history of art: Giotto, Leonardo and Medardo Rosso, but also Raffaello and Hayez, up to present day expressions. An itinerary that will be enriched with a new set-up of the Museo del Novecento, with loans from all over the world, and from the new space that MIchele de Lucchi is building inside the Castello Sforzesco for the Pietà Rondanini of Michelangelo.

"The City is making an exceptional effort - said the Mayor, Giuliano Pisapia - to host visitors through art and to help the themes of Expo become real and alive." The exhibitions cover in fact even "many possible conjugations - he added - that the languages of art decline on the theme of the exhibition: nutrition, nature, meeting among cultures, the future of life on our planet." A calendar of proposals sided by the exhibitions that the Brera Pinacoteca will dedicate to two icons such as "The Kiss" by Hayez and "The Wedding of the Virgin" by Raffaello. That on Leonardo will be the greatest exhibition even set up in Italy on the Vinci genius.

Paintings, drawings and manuscripts from the most prestigious Italian and International Museums will be accompanied by a series of in-depth analysis that will involve the places of Leonardo, in the city and all over the Lombard territory. The review is planned to be held at Palazzo Reale from the 15th April to the 19th July.

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