8/01/2015Expo 2015

Expo, about fifteen pavillions ready

Expo site plan
Expo site plan

There are now just very few months left to the inauguration of Expo, but good news arrive from the immense Milanese building site.

The Countries which have already finished the construction part of their pavillion are in fact already about fifteen. This has been annouced by the commissioner Giuseppe Sala after an on-site visit with technicians at the exhibition site to study the situation of the works of the 53 Countries which have decided to have their own Pavilion instead of setting up a space in the collective pavilions. Among the most "virtuous" nations with the most advanced works are various Arab Countries, whereas obviously those most far back are the Countries who decided to participate at the last minute (such as Holland or Turkey). The situation is not worrying however: even Istanbul will start works on the 10th January with the objective of finishing in two months.

Bahrain is the first Country to have finished construction, but not the only one. Nations such as Angola, Czech Republic, Kuwait, Israel and Germany are already working on internal details.

By the end of the month they will be about twenty. Works are also proceeding  along the Cardo, that is the main road that from North to South crosses the site and that hosts the Italian part of the exhibition, apart from the European Union space.

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