16/02/2015Expo 2015

Expo sails on board of the MSC Crociere fleet

MSC Fantasia
MSC Fantasia

A collaboration between Italian excellencies on a global level, with a rich calendar of initiatives that start now. MSC Crociere has in fact become Official Cruise Carrier of Expo 2015.

The cruise company becomes, therefore, a testimonial throughout the world of Expo and its values, and will carry its logo on the side of the MSC Fantasia, one of the admiral ships of MSC, which sails the Mediterrean throughout 2015. With an 800% growth from 2004 to 2014, MSC Crociere is today a leading company in the Mediterranean, in Brasil and in South Africa. It sails all year round in the Mediterranean Sea and it has a vast offer of seasonal itineraries in North Europe, in the Altantic Ocean, the French Antilles, South America, South Africa, United Arab Emirates and in Oman. In 2014 the 12 ultramodern ships which make up the ship have transported almost 1.7 million travellers.

As Official Cruise Carrier MSC Crociere will also be an Expo Authorised Reseller to offer its passengers the possibility to buy the tickets for the event directly on board of the ships and, for those who wish, participate at the event by choosing the dedicated excursions to Genoa and La Spezia.

From May to October, in fact, the company expects a movement just in these two ports almost 600.000 cruise-goers. The collaboration between MSC Crociere and Expo includes various commercial transversal initiatives to all communication channels, on- and off-line, multimedia activities and more traditional ones, both on land and on board. During the entire duration of the Universal Exhibition, MSC Crociere will be present with a multimedial exhibition space which will focalise on the revolutionary "Ships of the Future" that will be ready from 2017.

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