2/02/2015Expo 2015

Expo gives Milan's appeal a “lift” in the world


The inauguration of Expo – due next 1st May - is close, and the attention on the city hosting it is growing. Inside and outside the National borders. Milan, in fact, is today even more famous in the world thanks to the Universal Exhibition. This has been revealed by the local Chamber of Commerce based on studies of Voices from the blog, a spin off of the Università degli Studi di Milano, that has analised all comments on the world wide web.

About Expo 2015 there are a thousand comments a day in the world, a number that is reached at end 2014, which has been constantly on the increase throughout the year (in five months there have been 77 thousand foreign mentions, ecluding Italian). Talk about Expo at an international level is at level with cities such as Florence and Turin and about a third of the comments are about Milan. A trend which is ought to grow even more as the take-off the official event comes nearer.

About Milan the daily comments are about 3,000, equal therefore to a million a year, just a little under the 1.3 million of Rome. The overall sentiment about Milan is positive: about 75% of comments, three on four, are positive, confirmed in the United States and the China it reaches 90%. Milan, in the world, is being talked about about double compared to other great metropolis such as Frakfurt, Vienna or Amsterdam. The overall sentiment about Expo is positive in over 3 cases on 4.

The international cities most interested in Expo 2015 are Brussels and New York. Following in the Top 10: Los Angeles, Toronto, Dubai, Moscow, Montréal, Madrid, Mumbai and San Francisco. As far as Countries are concerned, the most interested are the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Greece, with new entries from China and Russia.

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