9/02/2015Expo 2015

Italian Pavillion has its own rice: Riso Gallo official partner

Riso Gallo
Riso Gallo

Another important name of Made in Italy will be present at Expo Milano 2015. Riso Gallo, which is since 1856 one of the largest Italian and European rice companies, is in fact official partner of the Italian Pavillion.

During the six months of the Exhibition, the products and initiatives by Riso Gallo will represent the quality and tradition of rice in our Country to the over 20 million visitors expected. Riso Gallo will accompany the visitors of the Italian Pavillion in a gastronomic trip of the Peninsula, through its 100% Italian products (it will be the only rice brand sold in the shop of Palazzo Italia) and the traditional regional recipes, which will guide the discovery of tastes and of the Italian territory. Riso Gallo will be the exclusive provider of rice, apart from the shop, even within the restoration of the Italian Pavillion and the main character of a rich calendar of events (showcooking, new products presentations, company visits). 

"I am glad that a historic company that honours Italy for such a long time all over the world has decided to commit together with our Pavillion", declared Diana Bracco, President of Expo 2015 S.p.A. and General Section Commissioner for the Italian Pavillion. "Apart from having international fame and a commitment for quality, Riso Gallo is also a company that is very attentive to the new generations: particularly its Guide has helped formed young chefs for years, future ambassadors in the world of Italian cuisine. Riso Gallo interprets well the concept of Nursery which we have chosen for the Italian Pavillion", concluded Diana Bracco.

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