11/03/2015Expo 2015

AlessandroRosso Group “exports” Italy to Spain

AlessandroRosso Group
AlessandroRosso Group

AlessandroRosso Group, with its division dedicated to Expo 2015, has recently reached an important agreement with the Spanish Group Globalia, as sub-reseller in Spain for the sale of tickets and dedicated packages for Expo Milano 2015.

"We are very happy of this collaboration which will bring Expo and AlessandroRosso Group ever more into Europe, in South America, Asia and USA", says Elisa Rosso, Expo 2015 manager for AlessandroRosoo Group. 

Diego di Paolo, International Director of new products and destinations for Welcomebeds.com, one of the divisions of Globalia of major growth, declares: "We strongly believe in this Expo 2015 because it is dedicated to the theme of nutrition the implications of which are many and infinately declinable. Spain, our main but only market, is one of the worldwide strongholds of good food and of gastronomic sophistication and we expect important results from this operation which has been concluded with AlessadnroRosso Group. Wines, oils, cold cuts, and the very famous Spanish chefs will have the important opportunity of visibility during Expo Milano and Globalia will be for them and all the visitors coming from Spain, an important reference point."

Globalia, led by Juan José Hidalgo, is a leader group in tourism in Spain, with an annual turnover of over 4,000 million Euros and with over 25,000 employess.


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