11/03/2015Expo 2015

Expo is on its way...with High Speed

Trenitalia for Expo
Trenitalia for Expo

The partnership between Expo Milano 2015 and Trenitalia becomes ever stronger. Now the Frecce, the fast trains, become the testimonials of the Universal Exhibition. All the Frecciarossa and Frecciargento will have on their exterior the logo of Expo Milano 2015 to promote the event along the national railway line. 

The Chief Executive Offcer of Ferrovie dello Stato Italiano, Michele Mario Elia, explained how the collaboration with Expo Milano 2015 is in line with the theme of the event: "The train has the smallest impact on the environment compared to other transport systems." Giuseppe Sala, Commissioner for Expo Milano 2015, announced that "at least 30% of visitors will reach the site by train and everything possible is being done so as the least people possible will use their private car."

Moreover, throughout the duration of Expo Milano 2015, the train of the national and international fleet will stop at the station close to the entrance of the site, which from today will become Rho Fiera Expo Milano 2015. The first train which connects Milan to the new station has been inaugurated today. With a total of 67 special stops, thanks to 19 Frecciarossa, 18 Frecciabianca, 4 Intercities night and 26 trains to and from Switzerland, France, Trenitalia offers the possibility of reaching the site with high speed trains.

During the six months of the Universal Exhibition, Milan will be reached by 236 routes per day. Also, Trenitalia promotes the sale of tickets for the Universal Exhibition through its communication channels, both in Italy and abroad, with special offers and discounts to and from Milan.



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