12/03/2015Expo 2015

Expo, 90 per cent of works ready

Expo site
Expo site

At about 50 days away from the inauguration of Expo Milano 2015, only five of the 60 pavilions risk not finishing works by the 1st May. This has been reassured by Giuseppe Sala, Commissioner for Expo 2015, while talking during an event dedicated to Themed Tables for Expo in Piazza Affari in Milan. 

"It is not possible to state the precise percentage, but we are about 90% ready as far as infrastructures. Things are proceeding well in the sites. I made my daily visit and am satisfied. The Pavilions, with each passing day, change and many are already working on the interiors." Sala announced also the visit of the Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi. "We do not know whether it will be Thursday or Friday. He will come for an overview, but it will also be an occasion to see the state of advancement of the works. We would also like to let him meet the workers. It is a very important issue, of great stimulus for everyone, to see the Prime MInister at this stage. May I remind you that we are 50 days away from Expo."


In the meantime the initiative Expo Tables by the Chamber of Commerce of Milan has concluded and provided five years of elaborations on 800 projects by companies all linked to the Universal Exhibition.



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