4/03/2015Expo 2015

Extended Expo, Milan becomes increasingly smarter

Extended Expo
Extended Expo

The Extended Expo platform, that collects projects from Italian Companies and Public Administrations created specifically for Expo Milano 2015, adds a new section dedicated to Best Practices in the technological field: services, applications, technologies that make this experience in view of the Universal Exhibition smarter. 

In the meantime, the new project DIgital Islands takes shape: born in 2013 from the collaboration by the Council of Milan and Telecom Italia, Official Global Partner of Expo 2015, it consists of a series of high-tech areas where to connect thanks to free wi-fi and discover what is happening in the city. Free and fast access to the network, recharging columns for smartphones and tablets, real-time updated information totems on ongoing events in the city, the traffic situation and on public transport. 

Milan thus becomes a real Smart City with avantguarde and techologically advanced services able to respond to the needs and requests of the city that hosts the next Universal Exhibition. Moreover, Nuvola Italiana by Telecom Italia makes available the Digital platform Signage for its advanced management of multimedia contents and a series of totems to surf the contents about Expo Milano 2015. From one's smartphone or tablet the visitor can interact by activitating, for example, the payment and access of mobility services, booking of events and acquisition of tickets. 




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