14/04/2015Expo 2015

Best Tours Italia, two million tickets for Expo

Alessandro Rosso Group
Alessandro Rosso Group

With record numbers, Best Tours Italia - part of Alessandro Rosso Group - will enter the history of the Universal Exhibitions. Best Tours, in fact, distributed to a staggering 9,000 agencies in Italy and to 1,000 foreign ones tickets for Expo Milano 2015 and related services: all with privileged conditions, even after the ingaurution on the 1st May. 

"The largest Expo ticket sale of the last hundred years", declred Alessandro Rosso, President of Best Tours Italia"I'm an expoptimist, I firmly believe that Expo Milano 2015 will go down in history as one of the best Expos ever organised, this also thanks to the typical qualities of the Italians for inventiveness, creativity, concreteness, design and love for beauty, but also for attention towards others through the third sector." The tickets bought by Best Tours Italia are in fact 2 million, most of which have already been sold in foreign markets and the rest will be sold during all of the 180 days of Expo. The tickets will be on sale even through the corporate events division of the Group, which will have the availability of 10% of the personalised entrance turnstiles dedicated to clients of the Milanese company.

With the VIP services and all those inside or outside of Expo Milano 2015, Alessandro Rosso Group is getting ready to accompany companies to the discovery of the Universal Exhibition in Milan. Moreover, thanks to the management of various restaurants and the break area inside the exhibition site, by the Seven Stars Galleria team, the Group will offer companies and their guests packages that include the entrance ticket (open/closed date tickets) and a catering service at very interesting prices, as well as the personalisation of a space or the organisation of events. CEO Daniele Rosso says,"Alessandro Rosso Incentive thanks to its great international activity and its staff is managing agreements in Italy for about a million tickets and hundreds of corporate events related to Expo."


In the meantime, the platform www.yourwaytoexpo.com is already online with the most fitting offers and packages. The Group has invested also in the building of its own Pavilion in the Expo area, called Alessandro Rosso Pavilion, which will be available to companies which are not yet present within the site, for events of at least one day minimum to up to a maximum of 6 months. A three-floor pavilion with a conference hall of 200 places, for a total of 1,400 msq of space and another 500 msq open air space. 



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