22/04/2015Expo 2015

Expo, already 160 great events in calendar

Expo Milan 2015
Expo Milan 2015

Over 160 events have been inserted in the calendar, 115 days dedicated to the single Countries, a White Night and much more: the programme has been presented in Pompei, during the presentation of Expo of Ideas, the super programme of the Universal Exhibition. 

The great number of appointments will be divided into four branches: "The National Days of Expo", "The International Days of Expo 2015 towards the Paper of Milan", "Women for Expo", "The Celebrations of Expo 2015". The official beginning will be on the night of the 30th April, with a concert by Andrea Bocelli accompanied by the Orchestra of the Scala Theatre, from Piazza Duomo in Milan. From 10 a.m. of the 1st May the turnstiles will open on the Expo site, with the official inauguration by the Prime Minister Renzi expected to start at 12 p.m. Here are some dates to write down in the diary: the Day of Russia is the 10th June, and Vladimir Putin is expected to arrive; Francois Hollande should arrive on the Day of France which will be the 21st June, whereas the Day of Germany will be on the 18th June and that of the United States the 4th July.

China has on the other hand, many day: apart from a day on Chinese tourism on the 22nd May and the National Day on the 8th June, it can also count on a week dedicated to Peking and one to Shanghai between May and June. On the 9th May will be Europe Day, with events even outside the Expo grounds such as the concert by the Verdi Orchestra dedicated to the Ninth of Beethoven, to proceed to the international family day, the conference by the International Agricultural Organisation, the 3rd June and the dates dedicated to the fight against underage work, the Worldwide Day of Native People, the Forum of the Ministers of Culture,with 140 participant Countries, and the Nelson Mandela International Day. 

To Women for Expo, and thus the female world, on the other hand, are dedicated meetings such as the Aspen Forum on "Food Safety, nutrition and global health" and above all the meeting of the 10th July to which Hillary Clinton might participate. And more, there will be parties, among which the main will be the White Night of Cinema and Theatre on the 20th June.



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