7/04/2015Expo 2015

Expo Identity, in Milan the best chefs of the world

Expo Identity
Expo Identity

This will be an event within the event: high cuisine will be the main protagonist of the Universal Exhibition with an unusual format. For six months, each day, from 10am to 11pm, lectures, meetings, conferences and cooking shows will animate the space that will host the temporary restaurant par excellence, designed in collaboration with great brands from the design world. The best chefs of Italy and the world will change from week to week, offering their creations in an exclusive location with view over the decuman, in the heart of Expo Milano 2015.

The ambitious concept, wanted by Identità Golose, is the result of the collaboration among great partners, such as S.Pellegrino. Identità Expo, the name of the format, in its space of two floors will host 200 great chefs and over 450 events dedicated to the culture of food. 

The location of Identità Golose will also be the space for exclusive initiatives, within a facility that will be both high profile restaurant and at the same time business lounge, event space and area conceived to hold events. The restaurant will develop on the ground floor with an open view over the kitchen and on the first floor. This latter is a multi-functional space, and when not in service at the tables, it will host cooking shows and private events. A large terrace will also be available and will be ideal for open air events. 

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