9/04/2015Expo 2015

Expo, large steps ahead have been made. Mayor's word

Expo Milan 2015
Expo Milan 2015

"With each day that passes the site of Expo Milano 2015 is more complete. I have seen personally that there is great optiimism for the success of Expo Milano 2015. Since the last time I have visited the site, in the past months, there have been great and important steps ahead. Many of the pavilions are all ready. Even the Padiglione Italia has advanced noticably in works, both externally and internally. This confirms that on the 1st May it will be possible to visit all the exhibition parts of the Pavilion." This is what the Mayor of Milan Giuliano Pisapia stated after visiting the Expo Milano 2015 site, reported by AndroKronos.

"I have also seen some evolutions that have made me think that the Universal Exhibition will truly be a grand event. I have visited the supermarket of the future that will show millions of people a very beautiful, interesting and particularly innovative place, especially with respect to the vision on the future for a healthy nutrition. Very fascinating and ready are the clusters, the themed pavilions that will host the Countries which cannot bear the economic weight of having their own pavilion."

"But it is just as important that great steps ahead have been made in these months even on the themes of Expo. The commitment of the Council on the Food Policy is always greater and the Urban Pact on nutirition politics sees the involvement of almost all the major metropolis of the world. And more Cascina Triulza, which will be the true material, and non, legacy, of this Exhibition. An old farmstead which has been restored and appraised that will become the permanent headquarter, not only during but also after Expo, of international association and co-operation so that the contiuous confrontation and commitment on the theme "Feed the Planet- Energy for Life": from battling hunger in the world and the commitment against the waste of food, to correct nutrition for all" concluded the Mayor. 



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