12/05/2015Expo 2015

Expo, record turnout at Palazzo Italia

Palazzo Italia
Palazzo Italia

The first week of Expo has given great results in terms of turnout, with a large participation even from foreigners. Particularly, record numbers are being registered by Palazzo Italia, one of the main attractions of the Universal Exhibition

During the day of Saturday 9th May only, up till the opening at 10 of the exhibition "Casa dell'identità Italiana", a continuous crowd lined up to visit the spaces: in all, there have been over 10,000 visitors who have filled the halls that tell about the "strengths" of our Country. 

Apart from the exploit of this weekend, the entire week went well for the Milanese event: Palazzo Italia has registered an average of about 6,000 people per day. Found close to the Tree of Life, on one of the two axes of Expo - the Cardo - Palazzo Italia is one of the most imposing buildings of all Expo: a large white building, inspired by an urband forest, which develops on six floors, for a total of 13,000 metres squared. On the inside, it relates through installations, videos, 3D projections, the excellencies, capabilities, products and the territories of Italy. 



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