14/05/2015Expo 2015

Alessandro Rosso Group, school goes to Expo

Expo for school
Expo for school

Alessandro Rosso Group, a company that is already involved in various aspects of Expo, also takes on the challenge of the most "difficult" groups, students. Alessandro Rosso Group is infacat the official reseller of "School Tickets" for Expo Milano 2015. 

Within Alessandro Rosso's strategy, the project dedicated to schools refers mainly to the Italian context and to European countries, and secondly to the South American areas, where the presence of expat Italians is stronger and the so is the interest for Expo 2015. 


The offers proposed by Alessandro Rosso include both the daily visit, by bus or train, dedicated to the schools in the Lombard area and adjacent regions, as well as 2/3 day packets, which include bus, train or air transfers, the visit to Expo, overnight stay in facilities dedicated to students, cultural visits in the Milan area, meals and accompanying and guide services. 

The students, who will be involved in first person in the themed itineraries and research on the complex world of nutrition, have the opportunity of taking a realy trip around the world through the tastes and traditions of the people of the World. Details and further information on the offers by Alessandro Rosso for schools are available on the website of the group




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