15/05/2015Expo 2015

Expo, over 11 million tickets sold

Giuseppe Sala
Giuseppe Sala

To be precise, 11 million and 300 thousand tickets have already been sold for Expo. At the moment this is the only number, specified in detail in all its entries, that the Commissioner Giuseppe Sala can make publicon the visitors of Expo, avoiding to tell about the actual accesses to the site that have been registered since the day of the inauguration. Even though, obviously, we're talking about great, very great numbers, since the site "at first glance is always full". 

Sala has however emphasised, as also reported by the Agi press agency, of wanting to maintain a sort of neutrality about the entries, to safeguard the work team "from the stress of numbers on newspapers who are after visitors". "I want that my people works to make things function and to offer support to the visitors. Thus I believe that it is not wise to open this discussion about how many people enters daily", added the commissioner. 

Of the 11 million and 300 thousand tickets already sold "or already issued and invoiced or covered by bank guarantees" 8 million are of the 11 big distributors. Of these, 2 million belong to Best Tours, 1.8 for Duomo Viaggi, 800 thousand for Uvet. The rest have been sold by minor distributors. "The situation is very positive and we are growing at a constant rhythm", concluded Sala.



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