20/05/2015Expo 2015

Expo, Tuscany queen of hearts. Over 20,000 visitors in two weeks

Tuscany at Expo
Tuscany at Expo

Over 1,300 visitors per day for a total that exceeds 20,000 people in two weeks of Expo Milano 2015. These are the presences at the stand of Tuscany within the Italy Pavilion at Expo according to the data by Toscana Promotion, the regional agency which has curated the stand at the Universal Exhibition. This according to Ansa press agency.  

The statistic, explains the Region in a note, makes "Tuscany the protagonist of Expo for Italy. The regonal stand is infact the most visited among the Italian ones present on the Cardo, the street which overlooks the Italy Pavilion and a short distance away is also the stand of Tuscany." The Region also emphasises that there are "many enthusiastic comments on the signature book", with compliments "coming from all over the world" and that the concept is much appreciated, which has allowed to have fun and discover the lesser known aspects of Tuscany". Therefore, "everyone has been conquered by the images and the objects present at the stand; from the experience tables, to perfumes and the possiblity, thanks to the interactive wall of the stand, to take back home some Tuscan splendor: videos, sounds, itineraries". 

The Tuscan presence at Expo will continue until the 28 May, but also throughout the following months Tuscany will have other moments of visibility. Particularly, the events of the Fuori Expo at the Chiostri dell'Umanitaria, will proceed till the 2nd November, always in Milan, dedicated to the discovery of beauty, tastes and colours of Florence and Tuscany. 



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