27/05/2015Expo 2015

Expo Milano, during the weekends it becomes by night

Expo Milan 2015
Expo Milan 2015

Starting from this weekend, that is from the 30th May till the end of the Universal Exhibition every Saturday, Sunday and during holidays Expo Milano 2015 will remain open extraodinarily till midnight. The decision arrives following some visitors' requests, who appreciated the shows of the pavilions not only during the day, but also the events and the restaurants of Expo by Night. The prolungation of the evening opening hours was made possible by the collaboration of the local institutions and the companies interested in public services.

In this way, the Universal Exhibition will also live by night: the opportunities are many, from cocktails to dinner, to live music. Tastes from all over the world, different sounds, often unheard before, concerts and dj sets organised by the participants: taking a walk along the Decumano becomes a truly unique experience to enjoy the cosmopolitan atmosphere of this Universal Exhibition. 

Each evening, also, it will be possible to see the show offered by the Albero della Vita, the scenographic installation with a play of lights set up at the centre of the Lake Arena, whereas at 9 pm, from Wednesday to SUnday, till the 30th August, the Open Air Theatre San Carlo will host the grand show Alla Vita! of the Cirque du Soleil. Another advantage, the evening ticket - valid from 7 pm - will cost 5 Euros. 



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