28/05/2015Expo 2015

World Expo Commissioners Club and ANCIperExpo, partnership to promote Italy

Alessandro Rosso
Alessandro Rosso

Aim: to promote the excellencies of the Italian territory during 2015, the year of the Universal Exhibition in Milan. Here are the common bases of the agreement signed between the World Expo Commissioners Club and ANCIperExpo. At the meeting, held at the quarters of the World Expo Comminssioners Club in Piazza Duomo 21 in Milan, participated Piero Fassino, President of ANCI, Alessandro Rosso, President of WECC and Chiara Pennasi, Director of Cascina Triulza.

The agreement has two main objectives. The first is the creation and distribution of a catalogue for the promotion of the Italian territory which includes, as touristic destinations, the Provincial towns which have participated in the initiative, to help live a 360° Italian experience. The second aim, linked to Expo Milano 2015, is that of involving many Italian Towns and Cities in the promotion of a twinning among Italian cities and the cities of Countries present at Expo. The result is linked to the organisation of various events in the pavilions by the Italian councils who, in turn, can host in their city a calendar of initiatives and events of the participating Country at Expo.

The first action, explains Fassino "consists in the creation of a multimedial catalogue for the promotion of our territories, open to the participation of all Italian Councils". The catalogue, already printed in its first edition with 40 Councils participating and which will be distributed to 4 thousand tour operators all over the world, which constant updates, "has the aim - explains the President of WECC, Alessandro Rosso - of taking full advantage of the opportunities offered by the army of 8 thousand Italian local councils to encourage a touristic enjoyment at 360 degrees of all the hidden treasures of the Country."

"The second directive", adds Fassino "is that with which we have given ourselves the aim of favouring the possibilities of dialogue, confrontation and relation among Italian territories and the 140 exhibiting Countries of Expo. For this we have started and will continue to make twinnings among the Councils and the various Countries in the world present in Milan, with the objective of starting relations which go beyond Expo and which will become stronger in the coming years. There are already 21 Councils participating, creating more than 30 twinnings."



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