5/05/2015Expo 2015

Seven Stars Galleria goes to Expo: it will take care of the catering at the Brazilian Pavilion

Brasil Pavillion
Brasil Pavillion

Alessandro Rosso Group achieves another important block for Expo Milano: Seven Stars Galleria, property of the Group, will take care of the management of the main Restaurant, the cafeteria bar and the dedicated store within the Brasilian Pavilion

“A great operation, we are very proud of our participation, result of an intense work on an international level for a country which we visit always with great pleasure. We are Expottismisti, even from the taste and good living point of view", says the CEO Daniele Rosso. Located on the first floor of the pavilion, with eighty seats, the Brasilian Restaurant offers an intense experience of Brasilian cuisine. The menù offers dishes that illustrate the various regions of the Country, according to the seasonality of the six months at Expo. The Cafeteria proposes on the other hand quick dishes, and is found on the ground floor with a welcoming area for visitors. All this will be curated by the Executive Chef Alberto Citterio, already the head shef at the Seven Starts Galleria and of the new Duomo 21 in Milan. 

The Seven Stars Galleria, which is part of the Preferred Hotels & Resorts, is the only hotel found within the Galleria V. Emanuele II, in the heart of Milan. In all it has seven suites in contemporary style to which have just been added the lavish Penthouse Galleria, with an unparalleled view over the Galleria. 



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