8/05/2015Expo 2015

Expo, first record breaking days. Even on the web

Expo Milan 2015
Expo Milan 2015

There are already hundreds of thousands of visitors who have entered the gates of Expo, which opened punctually on the 1st of May. And the first days of the event have been acclaimed with the same enthusiasm even by the web community. According to data gathered by the Osservatorio Expo 2015 Milano managed by Blogmeter, the success of Expo has been overwhelming even on the web: over 580,000 messages have been gathered between the 30th April and the 3rd May 2015, the majority of which were concentrated on the 1st May (275,800).

The theme that has involved users mostly was the inauguration ceremony of the event. The joys and emotion also for the completion of the Nepalese Pavilion were immense thanks to the solidarity showed by Italian workers. In general, a very positive and optimist feeling comes through towards the event and the beauty of the Pavilions, first above all the Palazzo Italia

Great success also for the official profiles of the Universal Exhibition of Milan: the Twitter account from the 30th April to the 3rd May has registered an average of 114,800 tweets published daily from the profile, whereas the Facebook page has seen amazingly growing numbers during the first days of the event: 689,200 interactions and 157,700 new fans (67,500 only on the 1st May). The post that has obtained the most success has been the video presentation of Expo 2015



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