11/06/2015Expo 2015

Expo, there is the official passport of the Exhibition

Expo Passport
Expo Passport

Just launched, it has already become a sought "souvenir" of the event. It is the Passport Expo 2015, for the creation of which also Xerox was involved, Official Sponsor of the Universal Exhibition for the centralised printing services.

The cover of the Passport, heat printed in glossy silver, and the contents present in each page the graphic design and the official wording of the event. A hologram is present on the second cover whereas the space of the last page, the fourth cover, is dedicated to the exhibitors, which have thus the possibility of personalising the document with the appropriate graphics and logo, printed in CMYK.  

Moreover, each Passport will be numbered, so as to guarantee uniqueness and authenticity of experience for each consumer. The visitors of the event can find the Passport in the main selling points and Pavillions within the exhibition site: then, one can collect inside the document all the stamps of each Country visited, reliving in this way the experience of a proper tour around the world. 


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