4/06/2015Expo 2015

Expo: 2.7 million visitors in the first month

Expo Milan 2015
Expo Milan 2015

After a month from its opening, here are the first official numbers: 2.7 million visitors in the first 30 days of the event, 90 thousand presences per day and about 15 million tickets sold

A record for Expo Milano 2015, which, with these numbers, places itself in "a position of absolute excellence compared to the last editions of the event", writes the company in a press release. The aim, to reach break-even, is to reach a quota of 24 million visitors in total, which means an average of 4 million a month. However, May, says the company that is not the hottest month, as far as presences are concerned. On the contrary it will be June, September and October in which the majority of visitors are expected. For this Giuseppe Sala, Commissioner, says that he is happy and optimistic also for the future: "The results of the first month of Expo Milano 2015 are very satisfying."

Aside the number of presences, there is also that of the contracts by the authorised resellers, which is constantly growing: up to date the tickets sold are about 15 million from the 11.3 expected at the beginning of the exhibition, and this is thanks to the great buyers such as Best Tours, Duomo Viaggi and Uvet. Very positive is also the result of the income for the territory: according to the statistics by the Cartasì Observatory - which monitors acquisitions through credit cards- in Milan in the first 27 days of May there was an increase of transactions of credit cards equal to +16% compared to the same period of the same year. 



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