8/06/2015Expo 2015

ExpoinCittà, 34,683 events already scheduled


Very large numbers for ExpoinCittà, the programme of events of the fuoriExpo. To date, the appointments scheduled in the calendar of ExpoinCittà are already 34,683. As far as the info relating to the first month of activity, May, 8,293 events have been carried out: 33% in the centre of Milan, 57% throughout the rest of the city and 10% in other towns of the metropolitan area. 

"ExpoinCittà is the best ally of Expo 2015: proof is inthe numbers of this first month which emphasise the growth of presences and a large participation to the events in the city, in line with the certain success of Expo. A synergy which makes Milan the centre of the economic, social and touristic world and which confirms its international reputation", declared the Counciller for Culture Filippo Del Corno. The appointments, declined according to ten themes, have revisted the keyword Art for 23%; Performance for 32%; Creativity&Style for 18.5%; Feed the Planet for 10%; Kids for 4; Leonardo for 2.5%; Science for 6%; Well-being for 8.5%; World City for 3.5%; Media for 1.8%.

During May the registered operators to the crowdsourcing platform, created and made available freely by ExpoinCittà, were 2,948; they were 1,107 in October 2014. Access to the expoincitta.com has gone from 18,700 to 170,000 during the same period. Lastly, good news also for the month of June; the apppointments are already 7,368 and the number is still changing with a +1.3% compared to the previous month. 



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