31/07/2015Expo 2015

Expo, “September and October boom months”: word of the Commissioner Sala

Giuseppe Sala
Giuseppe Sala

Optimism reigns at Expo: a positive trend which should continue, or even get better, in the coming weeks. The Commissioner of Expo Milano 2015, Giuseppe Sala is convinced of this, and has declared: "September and October will be growth months. We are sure that they will go well, both from what we see from the sold tickets and from tour operators, as well as considering the history of Expo - he continued - "I am sure that even August will be a good month: it was enough for the temperature to fall a little to resume the flux of visitors. We are thinking on a series of events for August and rest assured that we will not "shut down" for the holidays. 

The Commissioner has also confirmed that "the Expo format works, I have no doubt on this and on the fact that it is a success. At the end of the month we will present the numbers regarding the first three months of the Exhibition but I would like to go further from the idea that the success of this event depends from numbers. It would be interesting to direct the debate towards the legacy of Expo."

Finally, Sala concluded reassuring that "We do not risk any more to have disappointing numbers. The last three months will be the most important ones from the point of view of discovering contents, because many Countries have by now finished preparing their offer, adapting it to the requirements of the visitors."



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