6/07/2015Expo 2015

Expo, 9 foreigners on 10 are satisfied with the event

Expo Milano
Expo Milano

Expo is appreciated ever more. In June - regarding the Universal Exhibition - three Italians on every four are happy with the event, with a positive sentiment which reaches 74%. It is one of the main information which emerges from the Chamber of Commerce of Milan through Voices from the Blogs. The reason for this success, according the research? For one person on five thanks to the events, food is a must for one on six people, for one on seven the sense of pride is dominant. 

The arrival of foreign visitors and international feeling conquer one on ten. Another nice news is that foreigners are the ones who are most satisfied: 9 on 10 in June for comments in English. The largest interest towards the event comes from USA, UK, Russia, France, Holland and Spain. The exploit is measured also on the web, where there are already two million spontaneous comments online since the beginning of Expo in May, one and a half in Italian and half in a foreign language. 


Alfredo Zini, Councillor of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan declare: "A clear message emerges that is infecting Milanese and Italians, but also foreigners, optimism. This is an important factor, at the base also of economic choices and which, if transferred in acts of consumerism even on the territory can generate benefit also in terms of turn-over which Milan needs in this phase of difficult crisis. Therefore an important signal and an extra incentive for institutions to stimulate commitment and a co-ordination to make our city rich of attractions and always in movement even now that the hot summer months are arriving."



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