1/09/2015Expo 2015

Expo, the USA on top of the most visited Pavillions

Usa Pavillion
Usa Pavillion

The United States are in first place, with 2 million 850 thousand visitors, followed by Oman and Qatar which have exceeding the two million visitors. This is the podium - gold, silver and bronze - of the three most visited Pavillions at Expo Milan to date, after four months from its opening. Following suite is Russia, close to two million visitors.

Also exceeding the million visits are, in alphabetical order: Angola, Austria, Azerbaigian, Brazil, China, Korea, France, Germany, Japan, Indonesia, Israel, Malasia, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand. As reported by the Corriere della Sera, popularity does not always correspond to the long queues in other Countries: "If certain nations have not yet reached the one million visitor target notwithstanding the queues or the appreciation, the problem is related to logistics. The Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Slovenia, Kazakistan, Colombia and also Palazzo Italia, are some of the examples of the illustrious absentees from the millionaire clubs notwithstanding the considerable crowding at their entrances; the announcement for Italy, as well as for Ireland, however, is imminent.

USA has won, in fact, thanks to its dimensions. As written in the Corriere, "it is rare for the Pavillion to forms queues; moreover the visit does not include a precise itinerary, nor situations that impose a limited number of people as happens for the Israelite show or the lifts of Switzerland."



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