22/09/2015Expo 2015

After Expo, the Italian Pavilion will remain open? All are in favour

Diana Bracco
Diana Bracco

To extend, at least in part, the life of Expo and its effects. The General Commissioner of the Italian Pavilion at Expo, Diana Bracco, declares she is in favour of keeping open the pavilion even after the closure of the Universal Exhibition. "I see with satisfaction that there is an increasing desire to keep open Palazzo Italia, the Tree of Life and the spaces of the Italian Pavilion after the closure of the Universal Exhibition next 31st October", declared the Commissioner. 


"After all the request does not only come from authorities, institutions and associations, but also from the many tens of thousands of peopel who daily assist with excitement at the shows of the Tree of Life and visit the exhibition on the Italian identity. Moreover it is normal procedure for the Universal Exhibitions that the Pavilion of the hosting country is not dismantled and the same Palazzo Italia has been conceived and built as a permanent building. As General Commissioner of the Italian Pavilion nominated by the Italian Government I feel that the growing demand receives an answer", concluded Diana Bracco. 

"Personally I think that this answer should be positive. I am ready to collaborate with the government, local authorities, with Expo 2015 Spa and with the Arexpo Company to find a suitable operative, managing and financial plan which allows to reach this ambitious result."



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