9/09/2015Expo 2015

Expo, Alessandro Rosso Group brings Puglia to the world

Albano Carrisi
Albano Carrisi

The best of rural Puglia inserted in Expo. From the 7th September to the 4th October 2015, the 25 GAL (Gruppi di Azione Locale) of Puglia, will be hosted within the Alessandro Rosso Group Pavilion to present tastes and trades, culture, traditions and typical landscapes of the heel of Italy to the rest of the world. The Puglia GAL, divided into groups, are the stars of an area set-up ad hoc inside the Pavilion to promote the project "Rural Puglia: Puglia meets the world" which will culminate every week with a greatly attractive event dedicated to the public of Expo. 

It will be a true voyage inside rural Puglia to appraise local products, promote food and wine brands, educate to sensible nutrition, incentivate tourism. There are many activities in store during the month: show cooking, typical cocktail, "unions" between products from Puglia to those of other Countries in the World, wine and food tastings, music, artisan workshops and much more. The project has been presented in a very crowded conference, to which Piero Galli, Sales and Entertainment divisions Director of Expo 2015 participated; Loredana Vavassori, CEO Alessandro Rosso Group; Rita Mazzolani, Director of GAL, head of the project; Ernesto Soloperto, Chairman GAL Terre del Primitivo, head of the project; Albano Carrisi, testimonial of excellence of Puglia. 

"Rural Puglia: Puglia meets the World" is a regional project of interterritorial co-operation which involves all twenty-five Local Action Groups of Puglia and the Accademia Italiana della Vite e del Vino (the authority decreed by the President of the Republic). An occasion to bring to this international prestigious showcase the cultural model of the Mediterranean Diet which aims at a correct nutrition, the safeguard of nature, the appraisal of culture and tradition by promoting a correct lifestyle under the sign of eco-sustainability.



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