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Digital Trends 2013: the trends slated to dominate marketing and communication this year

The white paper by Hotwire, a global PR and integrated communications agency which has produced an exhaustive, in-depth report for the fourth consecutive year about the innovations slated to take place this year, reveals the trends that are likely to take place in 2013 in the world of marketing and communication. 

According to the Hotwire analysis, 2013 will be dominated by digital innovation and social media with the affirmation of new concepts including, for example, that of “digital health”, “social business” and a “sentient world”

Let’s now take a look at what the 10 Digital trends for 2013 are. The first concerns the creation of social networks inside companies to create a corporate network that allows people to establish different types of contacts as opposed to meetings or telephone calls, by using chats, sharing opinions and responding in real time to short questions. Companies have overcome the prejudice that social networks in the workplace make workers less productive, now  tending  to increasingly integrate them into the IT architectures of their business-oriented social networks.

The second, termed Data Porn, regards the ease of real-time and, above all, inexpensive access to the biggest data set in history that enables users to  learn about the personal details, habits, behaviours and opinions of social media users throughout the world. We have reached what can be defined as the “era of data fanatics”.

The third trend regards the assertion of digital health: technological innovation will be applied in the field of healthcare to create a sort of health dashboard for personal healthcare to which marketing experts will try to gain access.
When companies learned to be good: this is the name of the fourth trend that indicates an inversion in trends with respect to the last decade and the appearance of a more social business, with the adoption, on the part of companies, of more transparent, ethical behaviours.  

Smaller can be better: this is the title of the fifth trend which indicates an inversion of trends vis-a-vis methods of evaluation regarding what is required in order to be successful. What counts will no longer entail a large number of followers but niche communities that will provide companies with a readymade public.

In 2013, the concept of a Sentient World will also become a reality, allowing inanimate objects to have sensors and transmitters required to become connected in a meaningful way, i.e. the idea of a strongly interactive world in which, for example, the shop near to your house knows that you have run out of milk. The “Internet of things” will become a reality. 

However, 2013, will also be the year in which storytelling emerges: in fact, although the social media have transformed everybody into storytellers, this trend is likely to become fine-tuned and, from a point of view of marketing, there will be targets of the public capable of  narrating the story and transforming it with their own words and actions.

The eighth trend concerns the interactive role of TV which is becoming ever less about the box and even more about the content that it gives you access to while the ninth trend (Selling’s from Mars and engaging’s from Venus) concerns the search for valuable contacts on niche social media rather than continuing to go after large numbers based on those principles.

Finally, the last trend is that of User Experience (UX) i.e. understanding the way in which a users interacts with a product, a service or a site, modifying this experience in order to make it as intuitive as possible and devoid of obstacles. 

The white paper on  Digital Trends for 2013 can be downloaded free-of-charge from http://www.digitaltrendsreport.com/

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Statistics and MICE researches
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