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Media: New Internets grow, i.e. smartphones, tablets, apps, social networks and online videos

While traditional media channels (TV, press and radio) registered a decrease of between 10 and 20% in  2012, digital media continues to grow (+3%), accounting for €5. 4 billion, equal to one third of the overall communications market.  These are the statistics revealed by the New Media & New Internet Observatory of the School of Management of the Milan Politecnico, released yesterday in Milan at a congress entitled  “New Internet +90%: inizia a delinearsi il nuovo scenario dei Media".

Within the context of New digital media, registering a growth rate of 3%, the New Internet is the strongest component in terms of growth, showing a +90% increase in 2012. By New Internet we intend new mobile devices  Smartphones, Tablets, Connected TV – which multiply the use of the Internet; Social Networks are being increasingly used as a privileged place of digital interaction; Applications, which simplify access to contents; business models based on the sale of payment for content; videos that are increasingly downloaded from the Net. 

“In fact, since 2008 to-date, the New Media have increased without showing any signs of flagging. Boasting  €5. 4 billion in 2012, they now account for more than one third of the overall media market when, just four years ago, they accounted for little less than one fourth. In 2013, a 36% increase is predicted which is likely to bring market value to around € 5.7 billion, equal to 36% of the entire Media market”, commented Andrea Rangone, Scientific Head of the New Media & New Internet Observatory.

Here are some groundbreaking figures. Between 2011 and 2012, the number of Smartphones in Italy has increased by 30%, accounting for 32 million units and, the Media market, driven by these devices, is up 70% compared to 2011. Tablets have registered an extraordinary growth of more than 150% compared to 2011; at present, they account for more than 3.5 million and the market has grown by 90%. During the past year, apps downloaded (800,000 to be exact), doubled: in fact, respectively 70% and 64% of Tablet and Smartphone users download and use applications on these devices, installing about 29 on an average.

Advertising revenues from Social Networks, which registered a 60% growth rate in 2012, are also significant. 85% of Internet users use them and most of them (approximately 95%, 23 million people) interact on Facebook.

Online video users are also increasing; at the end of 2012, more than 25 users viewed them, equal to almost 85% of Internet users thus showing an increase of approximately 30% compared to 2011. In fact, 50% of the growth of advertising across the Internet Media market is due to this specific channel.

The study also outlines the future scenario. “If we divide the Internet Media market between the Old Internet and the New Internet, in 2012, the former accounted for about 70% and the latter for the remaining 25%”, says Andrea Rangone. The situation is set to change significantly in 2017, when the New Internet is likely to generate around 50% of the Internet Media market, above all, thanks to videos (more than 20% of the market), Social Networks (10-15%) and Pay per view revenues (approximately 10%); the Internet Media market, currently equal to 25% of the New Media market, is likely to reach 40% over the next 5 years driven by the New Internet. Conversely, compared to the media market as a whole, the Internet Media market, currently accounting for 8%, is likely to account for as much as 20%.

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Statistics and MICE researches
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