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Rimini Riviera: the congress and events sector shows signs of growth. More than 6,650 meetings and almost one million and 350,000 delegates in 2012

Positive growth signs for the congress sector in the province of Rimini which in 2012 registered a growth in the number of meetings, delegates and conference attendance days. This data was revealed by the  “The Rimini Conference Market 2012” report, presented by the Congress Observatory of the University of Bologna – Rimini Campus directed by professor Attilio Gardini, and promoted and financed by the Convention Bureau of the Rimini Riviera.

Last year 6,652 events were hosted (+0.5 % versus 2011) and attended by 1,3,883 delegates (+1.22%), the highest since 2004, for a total of 2.6 million conference attendance days (+4.69%), showing an average 2.8% growth of the Rimini congress market on a par with the European one.

More specifically, there was an increase in the average size of events (the average number of participants showed an increase of +10.35% ) and, above all, in duration (average conference attendance days showed an increase of +12.64% versus the -19.71% in 2011), which had positive impacts both on the hotel industry (overnight stays) and other economic sectors.  Both domestic and international congresses showed an increase of respectively +2.71% and +13.67%.

Venues registering the largest participant numbers were the Palacongressi conference centre, small conference centres, historic residences and the conference spaces of institutions and trade fairs which, in 2012,  generated  2,107,915 conference attendance days hosting 4,256 events, while congress hotels hosted 2,396, thus generating 528, 539 days.

The study showed how congress centres cover almost 80% of events hosted versus the 20% hosted by the hotel sector. Above all, there has been an increase in corporate initiatives (+11.2%), sporting association events (+9.6%) and scientific congresses (+4.6%).

According to Professor Gardini, the success of the Rimini Riviera sector is due to the investments made in congress facilities including its Palacongressi (e.g. those in Rimini and Riccione) and hotel innovation. The change under way has encouraged hotels to focus on their core business (i.e. overnight stays).  Conversely, the increased offer of conference rooms at palacongressi conference centres and smaller congress centres allows hotels on the Rimini Riviera to grasp the opportunities of the congress hospitality sector, without needing to set up meeting rooms inside the hotels”.

The only negative note is that the increase indicated does not correspond to an increase in turnover which, due to a 5.13% reduction in prices, dropped by 2/3 percentage points.

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Statistics and MICE researches
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