13/11/2014 Statistics and MICE researches

EXPO and the MICE market: here's what will happen

Milan Expo 2015
Milan Expo 2015

"Expo 2015 and corporate events: opportunities, growth and implications for the corporate world" is the title of the research carried out by Cisalpina Research, the research centre of Cisalpina Tours, in collaboration with MIP Italia Chapter and with the contribution of and presented in Btc. The survey, that has involved 630 companies of every type, has analised the approach of Italian companies toward an international level kermesse such as Expo 2015. 

Even though the Universal Exhibition will not "revolutionise" the events market, it represents however a great occasion for the entire MICE world, a unique opportunity of visibility, contacts, initiatives, formation and business both on a national as well as international level. In the first part of the survey, aimed at identifying what the Universal Exhibition represents in the collective immagination, reveals that "everyone speaks of EXPO, but few have a fully conscious idea of the contents and the significance that such an important event represents." For 53% of the interviewed, in fact, the Universal Exhibition will be a great worldwide agorà in which to deal with the fundamental themes for the present and the future of our planet, for 14% it represents a great events projected towards technological innovation, whereas another 14% consider it a closed political showcase. Only 11% of the interviewed, with a more farsighted attitudes, can see a structured organisation in EXPO 2015, that can be able to create connections. A good 30% attributes to Expo a "notable important" role and 46% thinks it can be "rather determining". A fifth of the interviewed thinks that EXPO 2015 will absolutely not have any impact on the growth of our Country.

Much different is the answer in relation of the effects that EXPO 2015 could have on the growth of the events industry. Globally, three quarters of experts of the sector has expectations, at different levels, in the event: 49% thinks that EXPO will quite influence the development of the events market, 19% considers that an important level of growth is possible, and only 9% considers fundamental the effects that the Universal Exhibition will have on the sector. There is, also, 26% convinced that EXPO will not influence at all the growth of the events industry.

43% of the surveyed, in fact, displayed a more resourceful attitude and has already decided to include projects and events related to EXPO 2015 in their marketing and communications plan that will be scheduled throughout the six months of the event and in a smaller degree in the pre and post phases. It will mainly be conventions (76%), conferences (75%) and exhibitions (64%), considered to be the most adequate events for an exhibition such as EXPO.

Statistics and MICE researches
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