14/02/2014 Statistics and MICE researches

Travel Manager's wish list: save money without diminishing the value of the experience

Travel manager
Travel manager

What do travel managers want? What are their priorities? This question has been answered by the sixth edition of the annual study CWT Travel Management Priorities, based on a survey that has involved 970 travel managers around the world, operating in companies with annual acquisition volumes for trips from 2 million to over 100 million dollars. In first place in the answers, by about 70%, is the necessity to find new ways of generating savings. But equally important is the experience of the travellers, made possible by new technologies and the data availability that makes creating tailor-made services closer to the users needs possible. The seven priorities listed in the study are: identifying new means to save; encourage the use of online booking tools; optimising end-to-end travel processes; promote business travel management; redesign travel policy; develop a mobile strategy and reinforce corporate social responsibility promgrammes.

Since the research has been led on an international level, there are some differences amongst the different geographic areas. In the EMEA region, particularly, the majority of the travel managers is aligned to the global results, but with slightly more limited values: 66% has the priority of finding means for further savings, 53% indicates the use of online tools and 52% highlights the importance of defining end-to-end processes, that are able to embrace all the phases of the transfer. As far as Italian managers are concerned, the key priorities remain unchanged, but more importance is given to the continuous refinement of a travel policy that favours a control of costs (65%) - considered to be at the same level as the search of finding new means of generating savings (65%), and to the optimisation of the end-to-end processes (in third place, with 60% of the answers). 

"Generating savings has always been the main priority of travel managers and 2014 will not be an exception", states David Moran, Executive Vice President for Global Marketing & Enterprise Strategy of CWT. "For companies who have an advanced travel management system, it will be fundamental to evaulate new possible opportunities and widen their spectrum of activity. Many companies, for example, have a growing interest in online booking tools to keep under control all costs linked to land transport. Instruments such as CWT Online powered by KDS allow to integrate taxi and other means of transport in door-to-door itineraries and to evaluate eventual alternatives not only in terms of costs but also in terms of time and environmental impact." Besides, as encouragement to respect the travel policy the interviewed managers are considering of introducing games, peer-to-peer competitions, reward ad motivational systems.

Statistics and MICE researches
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