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Palacongressi of Rimini, the first convention Wellness Valley Location in Italy

Palacongressi Rimini
Palacongressi Rimini

Not only business, but also (much) attention to physical fitness and wellness. These are the premises that have animated the new project of Palacongressi of Rimini, so much as to become the first Italian Convention Wellness Valley Location. The aim of this initiative is to integrate in Palacongressi's offers principles and values which are at the base of the Wellness Foundation, expressed and declined in the Wellness Valley concept, the first international district specialised on the quality of life and well being, promoted by Technogym, a worldwide brand, leader in its sector. Thanks to a specifically studied programme that accompanies every participant of events in Rimini, it will be possible to accompany business commitments to moments dedicated to the care of one's own psicho-physical condition. Without overshadowing the discovery of historic, cultural and leisure locations of the city. At the center of the project is a new area of Palacongressi, equipped with the Wellness Ball Active Sitting, where it will be possible to carry out simple physical excersises during breaks from work or coffee breaks, by following a video trainer.

Great attention is also given to nutrition: within the Palacongressi spaces will be offered "wellness menù", created and studied by a nutrition doctor and by Summertrade's chef, so as to guarantee breakfasts and meals that follow the guidelines for a correct nutrition and the principles of the Mediterrean diet. To complete the project are invitations for daily activities such as morning jogging on the beach, transfers to the Palacongressi on foot or by bicycle, through the parks which connect the strand to the Center, guided by GPS. Always by following instructions via Smartphone, it will be possible to visit the historic centre or go shopping. Thanks to these new elements, which are also the first example ever proposed in our Country, the roject has been cosidered the best among seven presented by convention operators and has been given an award by Federcongressi&eventi during its last annual convention in Venice.

"The departing point of the Wellness project is a brand of excellence of the territory: Technogym. By sharing its wellness philosophy as a lifestyle, Palacongressi has been chosen to become the first Wellness Valley convention location", explains Federica Lucini, marketing co-ordinator of CBRR, Convention Bureau Riviera of Rimini. "It is a formidable promo-commercial occasion for the facility with the aim of offer added value to all the events we host. But also to capture the attention of companies and associations who would like to link their event to concepts of wellness." 

Afterall, the Palacongressi of RImini already has great achievements: the modern complex offers 39 halls, full of light, for a total of 9,000 places. The main hall, which is immense, can host 4,700 delegates.

Hotel and Location
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