31/03/2014 Statistics and MICE researches

Green events, companies want to know more

Green meetings
Green meetings

Companies like "green" events. They will be even more popular in the future. Themes about Eco, infact, are a very current argument in the events world. If it is true that only 13% of Italian companies declares to take into consideration sustainability as a consolidated reality - added to a 7% of companies that have made it their company mission - it is also just as true that the rest insists that sustainability is a "project/value in continuous evolution", as well as an "strategic asset on which to invest resources and energies" in the immediate future.

This is the first data that emerges from the recent research "Green Events and Meetings" carried out by Cisalpina Research - the research centre created by Cisalpina Tours to gather information and trends of the business travel  market and corporate events - in collaboration with EcoCongress, a referential name in the organisation and advise for low impact events, and, the greatest community of management assistants in Italiy, with over 8,000 members. Carried out in February 2014, through a questionaire with multuple choices handed to management assistants, corporate event managers and organisers of events withing companies, the research aimed at understanding the idea that companies have regarding the organisation of sustainable events. The results offer interesting reflection points, mostly because a "green" choice for the organisation of a meeting represents, apart from a social and economic impact, also a potential marketing tool.

It is clear from the research that sustainability is a consolidated reality only for 13% of those taking part in the survey, to which can be added the 7% which actually has made sustainability their mission. However, 70% consider sustainability an "objective on which would be worthwhile investing resources and energies." Analysing in detail the theme of sustainability as applied to events, the survey focuses on some relevant situations. First and formost there exists a big confusion on what the real benefits for companies orgnising a green event are: half of the specimen, infact, think that the advantages are, in the long run, related to the environment, whereas 33% recognises the possibility of a positive return in social terms and only 14% believes in a possible economic advantage.

Also very fragmented is the awareness of what the most important and essential aspects necessary to make an eco-friendly event are.This research considers as being very important those activities that are easily related to the impact on the environment such as the efficient management of energy (84%), formal politics for waste management (77%), environmental certification (61%), use of eco-friendly transportation means (58%). Collateral activities, such as catering (50%), use of local foods, car pooling (40%) and the use of materials obtained from recycling, are considered to be a little less important.

From the results of the survey, it is obvious that the strong will of companies to undertake a sustainable path is often contrasted  with a lack of knowledge, professionality and instruments. Thus, it is necessary to increase the result of the knowledge on systems and partners to help companies and societies in the organisation of low impact events, offering the necessary know-how in terms of certifications, carbon footprint count, and a series of integrated activities that guarantee and organically define appealing and successful corporate events.

Statistics and MICE researches
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