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Brand new location and exclusive products: this is how Alessandro Rosso brands “Your Way to Expo”

Alessandro Rosso and Oscar Farinetti
Alessandro Rosso and Oscar Farinetti

A special guest such as Oscar Farinetti, President of Eataly; an exceptional location, such as the Terrazza Duomo 21 in Milan; an offer for Expo that has no rivals: all the right ingredients for success where present at the latest event organised by Alessandro Rosso Group to promote its services and products for companies in view of Expo 2015. At the meeting there were over 100 clients of the Group.

Alessandro Rosso Group, the first reseller in the world authorised to sell packages which include the entrance ticket to Expo Milano 2015, thanks to the important know-how of communications opportunities of the Universal Exhibition and of the specific internal competencies and professionality, is in a position to answer at 360° to the requirements of any kind of client. From the development of packages studied ad hoc (accomodation package, theme package, daily package) to special packages such as Invitation to the Castle, a truly unique life experience in historic mansions through the testimonies of the hosts of the house, or Dinner in the Sky, a platform that offers the oganisation of lunches, dinners, cocktails, meeting at 50 meters height, with a view of the "Expo" on the Italian Pavillion. And more, exclusive VIP and Delegation services, communications projects, organisation of events within the Pavillions in the exhibition site.

The guest of honour of the evening was Oscar Farinetti, President of Eataly, who related about the presence of Eataly within Expo Milano 2015, with an 8,000msq Pavillion and that, together with Alessandro Rosso, is preparing further opportunities for companies.

"All this is Alessandro Rosso Group, the best gateway to Expo for clients - declared Alessandro Rosso, President of the Group, during the evening. And at Expo, we will also bring 750,000 Chinese clients, thanks to the agreement concluded just some weeks ago with the collaboration of the Chinese Governing Authority Boya Investment Consulting. A great success that makes me proud of having created an international network that was created with the aim of being the ideal partner for the client companies, today also in China."

"Alessandro Rosso Group has been the first authorised reseller for the sale of packages for Expo Milano 2015, we have believed right from the beginninh in this important international exhibition, and today we are involving all the client companies and partners to seize this unique opportunity, with products and services that are adequate for their necessities" added Daniele Rosso, CEO of Alessandro Rosso Incentive.

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