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Italia Convention Bureau, let it start!

Presentation of Italia Convention Bureau
Presentation of Italia Convention Bureau

The much awaited Italia Convention Bureau becomes a reality. The day of its foundation has been established as Wednesday 18th June at 3pm at a notary studio in Florence. In the meantime, the constitution project of the Italia Convention Bureau, the new deputy organism to co-ordinate the promotion abroad fo Italy as a place for events of any type, has been presented to the operators by the Vice-President of Federcongressi&eventi Carlotta Ferrari and by the Executive Counsillors Paolo Novi and Adolfo Parodi.

These are the main characteristics of the new entity. The Italia Convention Bureau will be established as a network of companies for the length of five years, so as to allow various advantages such as the entry of partners even during works in progress, important subsidies in start-up phase and public funding. The feasibility project has been realised based on precise classification criteria of the convention offer, so as to reserve access and participation to facilities of proved quality. Its mission is variagated: the Convention Bureau will favour business opportunities, promote destination Italy, co-ordinate and represent the offer and spread the Mice culture through adequate formation. Participation will be articulated by "destinations" and "venues" based on the example of Norway's Convention Bureau. They will be divided in more levels according to the technical and attractivity characteristics, and each level will correspond to a different level of annual retribution: five thousand euro for destinations (territorial CB or product clubs) and the convention hubs with over one thousand places, two thousand euros for convention hubs up to one thousand places and for hotels with over 200 rooms, one thousand euros for hotels with up to 200 rooms and the minor convention locations, 800 euros for PCO agencies, Destination Management Company, catering and other suppliers who operate at a multiterritorial levels.

The Convention Bureau will be directed by a President, elected by the Partners Board (and a percentage Federcongresi&eventi), and by a Managerial committee made of eight people nominated by the participating companies of the network, but indicated by the categories associations, that promote and act as warrantors for the project. The sovreign organ is the Members Assembly, that will nominate the governance following the indications of the associations, can revoke one of more components, approves the budget and eventual revisions of the adhesion quotes. Withdrawal will be possible every year by the 31st July. The notary expenses (estimated 1,600 euro for each member) in this first phase will be totally covered by the associations.

Finally, an important aspect which has been cleared by the new entity: the Convention Bureau will not make contracts with the final client, but it will put its associates in the condition to so themselves. If the deal between client-associate will go through, no commission will be due to the Convention Bureau.

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