21/05/2015 Tourism and Destinations

Milan above the sky: opening of the Highline Galleria, a walk on the rooftops

Highline Galleria
Highline Galleria

Seven Stars Galleria and AlessandroRosso Group take Milan's visitors....up to the sky. The Group has infact just opened the Highline Galleria, a new touristic walk of 550 msq, on the rooftops of the Galleria of Milan. All restoration works have been carried out under the strict supervision of the City Council of Milan and upon approval by the Superintendance.

"The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele is one of the symbols of Milan which is best know around the world. And now there is also the opportunity of admiring it from above as never before. Milan will be seen from a new and fascinating perspective, combining together the great architectural tradition of the city and the modern skyline. An extraordinary occasion for the Milanese and for the millions of visitors of Expo 2015" said the Mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Pisapia

“I love the Galleria. Ever since I have the privilege of living it daily I have learnt to come to know it in its most hidden meanders, in the dark views, in the mix that has always distinguised it, a mixture of extraordinary and every day life. One day, whilst dealing with the necessary review of part of the roof cover, after having gone through the narrow steps, climbed rapid and arduous ladders, I ended up over the glass and iron vault that covers the great central nave of the Galleria. I walked through narrow gangways made of iron which served once for maintainance, above me only the sky. It was another Galleria, a different dimension, past and present at the same time. I thought how all this was beautiful, too much not to be shared, not to involved other visitors and let the excellencies of Milan be admired from a different point of view. Slowly slowly, a difficulty after another, the dream came true in a project that allows the architecture of Mengoni, the father of the Galleria, to be better known, from a new perspective. On the peak of the roof cover, above all the old gangways, have been placed more solid metal structures, that are light and functional. The Milanese and the visitors who will come from all over the world, can walk safely above the rooftops, hear the voices coming from the Galleria and look out from the panoramic bays. From up here one can discover closely the "womb" of Milan, with its monuments, which almost seem they can be touched, and the new skyscrapers of the City Life", added Alessanro Rosso, owner of the TownHouse Hotels and President of AlessandroRosso Group. 


Highline Galleria has a linear length of 250 metres and is open to the public, including groups, every day from 9 am to 11 pm.

Tourism and Destinations
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