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The Pavarotti Milano Restaurant Museum opens, where food becomes music

Pavarotti Milano Restaurant Museum Ph. M. Maule
Pavarotti Milano Restaurant Museum Ph. M. Maule

Milan has a new, special location. It is the Museo e Ristorante dedicated to the great artist and maestro Luciano Pavarotti, right in the middle of the Galleria V. Emanuele II, on the fourth floor of one of the most symbolic buildings linked tothe history of MIlan, just a few steps away from the Teatro della Scala and from Piazza Duomo

The space is of about 600 msq hosts seven halls and a lounge, with store and bar, where one can discover and tastethe history and the music of Maestro Pavarotti. Even the menù shows the tastes and the style of the great artist, with an area dedicated to the live performance of personalities from the music scene. A sort of hymn to the Italian character, which ideally brings together music and kitchen. The museum set-up follows the same exhibition fil rouge of the Casa-Museo of Maestro Pavarotti in Modena, open right in occasion of Expo 2015. Even in Milan, the itinierary through the halls allows to get to know the Maestro through through stage photos, together with the big artists of the world, or infront of immense publics where he performed. On the walls, the story is told not only by evocative images, but also by memorabilia, personal objects, reviews, covers, disks and private records. Artistic installation, paintings and decorations of the the Modenese artist Mauro Roselli accompany the entire itinerary. On the large screen of the lounge one can see some of the most celebrated performances of the great tenor. 

Nicoletta Mantovani explains: “I am happy that the memory of Luciano can from today be celebrated even in Milan, under the gracious shadow of the Madonnina, and so clode to the Theatre that has meant so much in the career of the tenor. This place will be a homage to his human and professional story and will havea warm atmosphere, welcoming and radiant - just like Luciano was.". 

Alessandro Rosso, who with Alessandro Rosso Group is the project partner of this operation, declares: "I know the history of Opera, but the symbolic figure of this unique art will be always for me, always, Maestro Luciano Pavarotti. It is an honour to host this important Museum and Restaurant in the heart of the city of Milan, the city which consecrates the most the Italian international character and the majesty of a unique artist such as the Maestro. Thanks to Pavarotti's family and to Pavarotti International 23 who help us to get to know and appreciate every day the notes that have made up the story of music.".



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