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Sandoz Italia chooses Dynamo Camp for its annual convention. The event is beautiful, good and right

Sandoz at Dynamo Camp
Sandoz at Dynamo Camp

The place is beautiful, surrounded as it is by the nature of the Pistoiese Appennine. But above all, it is a place of deep social and human value: it is Dynamo Camp, the first Recreational Therapy in Italy, specifically structured to host for free for a holidays and leisure sick children and young people, in therapy or during their post hospital period.

Therefore, in a such a location - perfectly equipped to best host any kind of event - the transmission of corporate values becomes clear, transparent and made with the “heart”. An area of Tuscany chosen by Sandoz Italia, the Italian division of the pharma multinational, to stage one’s annual convention. Communicate a new approach to work through an experience that is to be lived directly, in person, all together, that becomes a concrete and immediate opportunity to start living one’s role, one’s company and colleagues in a different way. To provide a real and strongly involving context, which concretises the corporate mission and strengthens its belonging, motivation and conscience of the values and corporate identity in which one works. 

These are the objectives, aimed for, by Sandoz Italia which, for its convention has trusted the organisation and planning of the event to Dynamo Academy, the division specialised in the creation of events. An important appointment, that has intently involved about 270 people hosted at the Camp - for three days. The calendar of the event was very rich, and alternated meetings and technical meetings to experiential team building activities both of physical nature such as climbing, arch and bow, agility dog, swimming pool, hip pop and useful chores, as well as artistic such as Art Lab, Circus, Theatre and Radio. “We have chosen to plan here our meeting for the strong relation that unites our two realities, in terms of values and corporate mission, with the aim of strengthening our sense of belonging and value the common commitment in make people’s life better”, commented Manilo Florenzano, CEO of Sandoz Italia. He then added: “I believe that there cannot be a better team building than this one; if you have a team building in another context usually the element that unites is having fun together, or generally doing something together. Here the element that unites is that of immediately leaving behind useless reflections, finding the essence in people. The deepest, most complete, most exciting, the most beautiful”. 

Florenzano then concluded saying: “Living an experience of this kind leaves an important mark and offers, in one’s working life, a different awareness on one’s role and one what really matters. And it will be necessary to remember about the experience lived together here at the Camp with Academy to recall to one’s mind this spirit”. 



Hotel and Location
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