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With a view to counteracting the recession, the Alessandro Rosso Group brings one hundred Italian companies to Chia Laguna, in Sardinia

Chia Laguna Resort, the exclusive hotel complex located near Cagliari, in Sardinia, welcomed one hudred of Italy’s most important companies, guests of the Alessandro Rosso Group, a leading company, for more than thirty years, in the sector of incentive trips, meetings, events and communication.

“The future holds a lot of uncertainty. National and international scenarios change rapidly. But I know, or rather, I am certain, that the crisis will end. They all have. We are here, you will be here.” This is how Alessandro Rosso, president of the Alessandro Rosso Group, greeted business magnates and managers who in spite of the uncertain economic climate, continue to run their companies with courage and determination. 

The delegates’ trip (which lasted from 12 to 14 October) was highlighted by loads of entertainment, challenges and emotions, the aim being to examine and think beyond the crisis. On Friday, 12 October, guests flew to  the Chia Laguna Resort on a Livingston Air flight, reserved especially for them and spent a weekend boasting a rich program of fun-filled, challenging and exciting activities

Entertainment was guaranteed by renowned international artists who enthralled their audience with a number of unique shows including performances by the Sonics “flying” acrobats, Lithuanian violonist Saule Kilaite, who entertained guests with a mix of classical, ethnic and modern music, the Corona Events International Dance Company featuring evocative choreographies of floating medusa and luminous butterflies, the Joe di Brutto band with typically ‘70’s music, DJ Linette who had dancers shaking their booty on the dance floor until the small hours of the morning and Silvia Emme, a sand artist from the Marche who wowed the public with her handmade objects created exclusively using sand. 

One of the most challenging events during the weekend was a marathon, which saw daring participants braving the sand dunes to reach the finish at the Capo Spartivento lighthouse, accompanied by special guest and renowned Italian marathon runner Orlando Pizzolato.

A truly exciting event thanks not only to the surrounding landscape and breathtaking, natural scenery but also the awareness of participating in an event at a critical moment in the history of world economy. 

The Alessandro Rosso Group, currently boasting head offices in Turin, Milan, Vienna, Florence, Rome, Shanghai and Philadelphia offers a number of diversified products and services (from incentive trips to team building; from conventions to communication projects; from events to medical-scientific congresses) and is renowned for its innovative, competitive take on events organization.

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