Bit is the only show in Italy that allows you to meet, in two very separate occasions, trade professionals and private travellers.
Its multi-target formula brings in over 90 000 visitors in just 3 days, making each single second of attendance worthwhile.

Bit is Business to Business

Bit is Business to Consumer

Bit BUYITALY – 13th -15th  February 2014

Bit is the worldwide leader that promotes Italy and it is the only one tourism event in Europe.
During Bit 2014 there will be two workshop: BUYITALY and Bit BuyClub. They will become a pre-scheduled appointments agenda with meetings held at the exhibitor’s/ seller’s stand. An increase of hosted buyers qualified is expected and an estimated presence of 1000 buyers and 2500 sellers.

Bit BUYEXPO – 13th -15th  February 2014

The collaboration between Bit and Expo 2015 is now confirmed with the workshop named Bit Buy Expo 2015.
Bit is the event where you can plan and buy the expo packages thanks to qualified hosted buyers. The workshop is useful to give value at EXPO as the opportunity to increase touristic flows to Milan and Italy.