Russkiy Kliuch is the hotel rating for Russian tourism, a simple, user-friendly system that allows users to gain insight into each hotel’s specific level of service. The rating system was originally developed thanks to cooperation between major Russian operators who use it in their catalogues and websites, thus confirming it as a reference system for the market within the space of just a few years. Rating is expressed in “keys”, 1-5 stands for luxury. Silver keys are used if the hotel rates itself as a luxury location and gold keys are used if the hotel has been certified. To fully understand the utility of Russkiy Kliuch, all one need do is consider the linguistic and cultural differences of the Russian people. The Ministry of Russian Tourism states that only 14% of the entire population speaks a second language, not to mention the numerous differences in cultural, culinary and behavioural trends. Furthermore, it is also necessary to bear in mind the rate at which the Russian tourist industry is growing, consisting, as things presently stand, of 40 million travellers per year - a figure that is likely to increase to 60 million by the year 2016 – as well as the historic-economic context in which the industry is positioned. Tourists will thus be able to easily understand the level of service offered by a hotel, while operators, in addition to being part of an upmarket network of Russian and Italian operators, will be able to offer a hotel product in line with market demands, knowing full well that their Russian customers will receive services that match their standards and requirements. The system will also help hotels to have a better understanding of this particular market. They will be able to compete on account of offering a suitable product and, as a consequence, increase tourist influx and revenues.